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21 March 2024

Passengers feel safe in autonomous minibus

Mikołaj Kwiatkowski

As many as 80% of passengers who participated in the tests of the autonomous vehicle rated their sense of security during the journeys very highly. This is according to an initial summary of the research, carried out by a team from the University of Silesia. The surveys were carried out between November and December, among […]

autonomous vehicle Blees BB-1
11 March 2024

Summary of the first stage of Blees BB-1 tests in Katowice and Gliwice

7 March 2024

Aleksander Orłowski, PhD. Eng. about challenges and prospects of public transport

Magdalena Szymanska Smart City
26 February 2024

Magdalena Szymańska about how urban mobility should look.

11 February 2024

Marcin Ruciński about the future of public transport.

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