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See the future, see our vehicle

An efficient and environmentally friendly complement to public transportation.

Fresh design

Fresh design

Futuristic shapes, innovative materials and solutions make our vehicle stand out in the urban space. Its appealing design will encourage people to use public transportation.
Fresh design and cutting-edge technology applied to our vehicle set new standards in public transportation in terms of comfort.

Technical specifications


200 km (on average)

Max. power

150 kW

Max. capacity

15 people

Turning radius

6 m

Battery capacity

58 kWh

Max. fast charging power (DC)

100 kW

Unique design

Unique design

The structure of the vehicle was designed using CAD and CAE engineering software. The design has been optimised to reduce vehicle weight while ensuring the best structural strength ratio.
BB-1 will be equipped with an electric drive and systems to ensure the comfort and safety of passengers.
The minibus will be all-electric with zero tailpipe emissions. Its high-capacity battery will provide extended driving time and reduce the number of required charging cycles, thereby allowing long-distance routes.

Active monitoring

The active video monitoring system is enhanced by state-of-the-art algorithms based on neural networks. It can provide useful information for carriers by counting passengers by age groups.
The system additionally increases security by detecting any dangerous situations and behaviours, such as thefts or brawls. The vehicle also detects wheelchairs and pushchairs, thereby allowing interaction with passengers.

Active monitoring

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    Business Development
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    the field of autonomous vehicles, new technologies and mobility.
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