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The Future
of Public Transport

Our vision

We want to improve quality of life

We care about the sustainable development of cities, we spread the idea of shared transport. We strive for a positive impact on the surrounding natural environment.

Aesthetics and usability

We care about the quality of the systems we create so that our solutions are safe for passengers, and the environment in which our solutions operate.

Safe solutions

Our approach is based on finding and using better and better solutions. It gives us the possibilities that allow us to create comfortable and safe
and available products and services.

A one solution to many problems

1Transport exclusion of residents in remote places
2Inefficient and low profitability of transport on some lines
3Rigid schedule and limited access hours at night
White transport spots removed
Support for an existing transport plan
Increased the flexibility of transport for residents


The autonomous minibus is a project we are currently developing, the effect of which in the form of the first prototype will be available in 2023.


Our goal is to develop the SAE Level 4 autonomy, at which the vehicle moves fully autonomously, but a remote operator can take over control when necessary.

Safety first

The vehicle will be equipped with modern systems ensuring the highest level of passenger safety.
Level 4 Autonomy
in city traffic
Active video
High Quallity
Production Standards

How we work?

You want to improve public transport in your municipality or city. Contact us, we will answer all your questions and help you plan the implementation of the service.

Call us or write to us,
to make an appointment with us at a time and form of meeting convenient for you.
During a meeting
we will discuss the key aspects so that the implementation is successful.
We will plan and implement
together with you the entire service from A to Z.

Do you want to know more?

Leave your e-mail address, I will contact you and provide more information.

    Marcin Musioł
    Consultant - Traffic engineer
    +48 790 402 003