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Tailored to the needs
of a modern city



DRT, (demand responsive transport) is a form of shared transportation where vehicles change their routes based
on the, actual demand of passengers, without a fixed timetable.
On-demand transport does not compete with conventional
public transportation.

To the contrary – it is highly complementary to it in many cases.

One solution to many problems

One solution to many problems

Common problems in public transportation
1Blank spots in transportation
2Inefficiency and low profitability of transport on some routes
3Infrequent public transportation services
4Limited number of vehicles and their range
Effect of introducing on-demand transportation
Elimination of blank spots in transportation at a low cost
Increased line profitability
Flexible transportation for residents
Larger area of operation

Our product

The finished system we offer is dedicated to cities, municipalities and institutions. Our solution enables comprehensive implementation of an on-demand transportation service in a specific area, and deployment is possible in just a few weeks.

The solution comprises three main elements


On-demand transport management platform

The primary component that binds the entire solution together is the
service management platform. The platform enables to view task completion by drivers and to generate reports for efficient billing management.
It also offers a functionality to enter journeys reported by phone directly to the operator. At the heart of the system are algorithms that automatically calculate routes and schedule passenger pick-ups so that everyone arrives at their desired stop on time.

Operator performance improved by automating tasks
No server expenses involved – the entire solution works in the cloud
Easy algorithm modification to optimise transportation

Residents’ app

The second component of the system developed by Blees is an app for residents. It allows the users to order a ride by indicating the place and time
of pickup and their destination. The user can either enter the time of pickup
or the time they need to arrive at their destination.
Both the application and the entire system have been developed by skilled and experienced IT specialists in collaboration with the Silesian University of Technology. It has been designed with the end user in mind to make using it as simple and easy as possible.

Finished application tested on hundreds of passengers
The app is available for both Android and iOS platforms
Appearance of the app customizable to the client’s visual identification

Driver’s app

The last component of the system is the driver’s app. It collects all passenger orders submitted both by the app and by phone directly from the dispatcher.
The app notifies the driver who to pick up and from where, and where to take them. It has been programmed to minimise the number of driver’s tasks.

Finished tool tested on dozens of drivers.
App enables to collect statistical data.
No investment required in purchasing fleet monitoring equipment.


A cost-effective alternative

An alternative to regular public transport connections in remote city areas with irregular passenger streams.

School transport for children

Support for planning and supervision of children transportation to and from school. Streamlined carrier billing process.

Transport for people with disabilities

Elimination of service inaccessibility for people with limited mobility.

More efficient urban mobility

Availability of transportation in areas with restricted traffic.

How we work?

Want to improve public transportation in your municipality or city? Contact us to get answers to all your questions and receive support in planning service implementation.

Call or email us
to schedule an appointment at your convenience.
At the meeting,
we will discuss the key issues to implement the project effectively.
Let us plan and implement
the entire service with you and support you throughout.

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    the field of autonomous vehicles, new technologies and mobility.
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